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Church of the All is open to all who would like to expand and deepen their connection with the Univeral All. This ministry acknowledges the following:
  • That each individual's experience of the Divine Love that flows forth from the hearts of the All.
  • That Love is a many splendored thing that comes in many forms and in this, Universal Love is no different.
  • The only way we can know the unknowable is to step into and become the mystery.
  • We consciously and conscientiously work toward improving ourselves and the world around us.
  • All Life is worthy of dignity and respect for each plays his, her, or its own unique and important role in the Universe.

The Church of the All website is the personal homepage of Reverend Monica Gillman, ordained by the Universal Life Church on September 24, 2010. It is created as a service to the congregation.

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All content and code on this site is Rev. Monica Gillman 2010 to present, unless otherwise noted. [See Credits] All Rights Reserved.